Global quality


In medicine, many variables interfere with the treatment outcome.

Having access to exclusive surgical instruments and accessories , of unquestionable quality and safety certified worldwide, is the first step to avoid risks and ensure comprehensive solutions.

More than a challenge, work in the health field becomes, from the first moment, a true commitment. With safety, quality, people and life. It was this vision that drew Expand Médico, a company designed based on decades of experience in the medical-hospital segment, exercised by its founder.
The focus has always been to ensure that institutions and professionals have products that reflect the latest steps in science in the world, expanding the perspectives of treatment and making it possible for the medical team to exercise its mission: to preserve life, with the quality it deserves.
In this alliance, Expand Médico seeks above all to act as an instrument in the hands of the professional, bringing immediate answers and contributing to make a difference at the time of the always vital decisions that guide medical work.
A permanent commitment


In addition to the quality of the instruments available in the medical-hospital environment, another essential element is the seriousness of the partners who work with you.

Expand Médico guides its actions to be recognized for ensuring a product line that the doctor can trust.

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