Bleed STP

Bioabsorbable Hemostatic Powder

Composed of natural vegetable polysaccharide, Bleed STP has the function of accelerating the natural coagulation of blood through hydrophilic particles of natural vegetable polysaccharide.

The hemostatic Bleed STP in contact with the blood absorbs the most fluid part, forming a gel, which on its surface are concentrated platelets, red blood cells and other blood constituents, accelerating the natural coagulation process.

Mechanism of action:

Bleed STP when in contact with blood, absorbs the most fluid part of it (plasma), forming a gel. Platelets, red blood cells and other blood constituents are concentrated at the ends of this gel, which accelerates the natural process of hemostasis.

Advantages of use:

  • Forms a sealing layer (barrier) over the lesion;

  • Allows visual monitoring of hemostasis;

  • Dehydrating effect;

  • It reduces the time of the clotting process by agglutination;

  • Helps the effects of the coagulation cascade on factors XII, XI, IX and VIII;

  • Bioabsorption: from 3 to 7 days days;

  • Hemostasis time: 1-2 minutes;

  • Accelerates clotting with and without the presence of normal clotting factors;

  • Little interference in imaging exams;

  • Soluble in water;

  • It can be easily removed.

Bleed STP, available in presentations with 1 bellow type applicator containing 1 or 3 or 5 grams.

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