• Unique lens design that acts as a drug deposit to increase the bioavailability of topical drops

  • Increases contact time

  • Approved for continuous use (7 days)

  • Medical prescription product

  • Clinically proven efficacy and safety


Very comprehensive indications:

“The Hyper-CL ™ therapeutic contact lens is designed to promote corneal healing and relieve corneal pain, protecting the cornea during the treatment of acute or chronic pathologies, such as corneal edema, corneal erosions, entropion, keratopathy bullous and corneal dystrophies, as well as post-surgical conditions resulting from cataract extraction and corneal surgery. "

The Edema

Corneal edema is just the tip of the iceberg

Corneal Edema: 2M of new diagnoses annually

Recurrent erosion syndrome: Very common in developed countries

Allergies: 20% of the population, 10% - 20% seeking treatment

Dry eye syndrome: 20% of adults > 45 years

Uveitis: affects 1 in 4500 people

Potential Indications

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