APC LINE (Age Process Control)


  • Application: anti-aging, anti-stress, improves the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin for complete remodeling


Synoia has developed a new line of 3 capsules that helps to control and delay the aging process, due to mechanical factors, speed of life, polluted environment or stress. New products are dedicated to sensitive, reactive, irritated or acne-prone skin to prevent infections and accelerate healing. Protect the skin against chemical, mechanical and UV aggressions.

Capsule: Age Control

The water-based emulsion contained in the Progeline peptide has a direct effect on the epidermis and dermis. It has a remodeling effect, improves sagging skin and apparent wrinkles. PROGELINE ™ induces a clear reduction in the contour of the face (jaw line). Tightenyl ™ the Bio-lifter of the skin matrix, replacement of retinol used in intensive treatments for facial rejuvenation, skin firmness. A visible improvement in skin density and rejuvenation.

Capsule: WISH Contour

It aims to restore a youthful, anti-aging appearance for sensitive, anti-dark circles. Aiming at specific depths of facial structures and addressing localized facial concerns, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation and scarring. Visibly improves skin tone, proving quick action to control skin stress. Based on Tightenyl ™ and Neurophroline ™, they are biological inhibitors of skin stress, obtained from wild indigo (Tephrosia purpurea), a plant native to India. A specific extraction of the seeds of this plant was carried out to obtain a condensate enriched in specific sugars.


  • Applications: facial lifting, facial rejuvenation, skin firmness


Capsule: WISH Care

Based on Abyssine® 657 - extremophile exopolysaccharides that live in deep water hydrothermal ventilation. Abyssine® 657 strongly reduces irritation, skin discomfort and provides great calming benefits, protection against UV damage and helps maintain an ideal skin defense system. The capsule is enriched with calendula oil which has an antiseptic and healing effect.


  • Application: protected skin, irritated skin, repair / restructuring, wound healing, acne care powders


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