MIRUS Ligature Clip - Titanium

MIRUS ligation clips are active implantable medical devices. They are widely used in surgery for hemostasis, as well as for marking purposes. They are designed for use in tubular structures or blood vessels, as indicated. Ligature clips are commonly used in cardiothoracic, vascular, gastrointestinal, urological, gynecological, bariatric and general procedures.

Meril titanium clips:

The titanium clip wraps the fabrics with precise end-to-end closure. The clip wire is designed to give each clip a firm grip on the vessels, while the triangular cross section of the clip's leg increases surface-to-surface contact between the clip and the jaw, virtually eliminating the clip's fall.

Lateral and transverse grooves allow secure fixation on the structure and increase the resistance to displacement of a formed clip.

MIRUS ligation clips can be used in endoscopic procedures, as well as in open surgery. They are compatible with the Meril applicator and other commercially available applicators.

Open surgery applicators:

Laparoscopic surgery applicators:

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